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Welcome to the Sunset Sports Ministry Site!

Core Beliefs

At Sunset Church, we believe in Real Life, Real Love, and Real Family. We believe that our life is ultimately defined by our faith and love in Jesus Christ. Thus, we not only care about the development of our players’ basketball, softball, or volleyball skills, but we also care about their spiritual and intellectual growth as young men and women.

For us, sports is not an end in and of itself, but the means by which we build up the character and integrity of our players. During games and during practices, we emphasize:

1.      God

2.      Family

3.      Education

4.      Sports

We emphasize these priorities because we believe that each one is important in the development of our players.

We encourage our players to play hard, play smart, play together, and have fun. We also emphasize to our players to play with grace at all times, regardless of whether we win or lose.

We believe in making each game and practice safe and fun for all of our players. As such, we require our players to warm up and stretch before each practice and before each game. In addition, we encourage our players to bring water to each practice and to each game to keep hydrated.

Church Attendance

All players are welcome on our teams. Thus, church attendance is not required. However, all Sunset YOUTH Hoops, Sunset Softball, and Sunset Volleyball head coaches and spiritual leaders go to church on Sundays, and we desire for our players to get to know more about our faith in Jesus Christ. As such, we would strongly encourage you to ask questions and visit a church with a coach or fellow players.


We believe that basketball practice attendance builds team chemistry and furthers friendships between players (and their coaches). However, we understand that during summers, players have other commitments which may conflict with attendance at our games and/or practices. If a player misses an entire practice due to a scheduling conflict, coaches, may, at their discretion, decrease the minutes or time that the player plays during a game (in fairness to the players who do attend the practice). There is no penalty for missing a game due to a scheduling conflict.


We believe that being prompt to both games and practices is important to building the character of our players. Accordingly, if a player shows up late to either a game or practice, the coaches, at their discretion, may: (1) require the player to perform extra physical challenges like running extra laps or doing extra pushups, or (2) decrease the player’s minutes or playing time during a game.

Furthermore, we ask parents to be prompt and on time when picking up kids from practice. Coaches have other obligations too, and should not be asked to watch the kids because of the tardiness of the parents. Parental tardiness in picking up kids may result in a penalty at the discretion of the coach.


We believe that fellowships are important to the spiritual development of each player.

With the exception of absences (see above), players are required to attend fellowships before and after games, and during practices.

Playing Time

We understand that players want to play, and that parents want to watch their kids play in games. While we can guarantee that each player will play in every game, we cannot guarantee that there will be an even distribution of minutes at each game. Playing time is at the sole discretion of our coaches. A number of factors may contribute to a coach’s decisions on playing time, including (but not limited to): (1) players’ attendance of practice, (2) players’ attentiveness during practices and during games, (3) players’ attitudes during practices and during games, (4) players’ effort during practices and during games, and (5) a player’s readiness to handle a particular game situation.

Conduct of Spectators and Fans

We strongly encourage parents and friends to support our teams by attending the games and cheering the kids on.  Always keep the cheering and comments positive.  Your conduct in the stands reflects on our church and our values.  Unsportsmanlike behavior in the stands may give rise to a warning, an ejection from the gym, or termination from our program, depending on the severity of the problem.  If something happens during a game that disturbs you, pick a private moment and speak with the coach directly about the problem first.  If the problem cannot be resolved with the coach, you can request a meeting with Alfred Leong, Jeff Wong, or Ron Lee, our Sports Ministry leaders.


While we welcome feedback from the parents and players, we recognize that there is a point where constructive criticism becomes harmful. Therefore, we ask that parents exercise grace whenever giving feedback. Our coaches are all volunteers - we dedicate our time, energy, and money into this program because of our love for Jesus, the children, and basketball. 

If you should have any questions or concerns about any of the items above, please do not hesitate to contact any of our coaches. We are always more than happy to discuss.

Thank you again for your interest in Sunset Sports Ministry, and we hope you enjoy this summer!


Sunset Church Sports Ministry Coaches and Spiritual Leaders

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